Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lots of work then Ibiza again.

Hey All who may read,

I got back from Ibiza mid may worked flat out for over a month then headed out back to Ibiza for 15 days from 20th June to 5th July, this time spent a few days in San Antonio then a week In Ibiza Town a night in Port des Torrent and then 5 nights in Santa Eualia.

My phone decided to stop working after 3 days so I was out of communication so I do apologise if you were trying to get hold of me but it was like being back in the mid 90's I had no phone and no internet, but I did have a great pool and got a very good tan.

I also got mugged, had breakfast in one of the top hotels on the Island, walked around San An shoeless for a few hours and gave an Irish man the worst trip of his life..........  But you dont want to hear all about that you want to see some videos I knocked up tonight.



Only 1st attempts but Ill sign up pay the cash and get rid of all there adverts.



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