Monday, 18 July 2016

An Evening Sea Fishing on River Crouch Cost £600 Vets Bill 2 dogs hurt f...

This was one adventure to many for Red as he had to spend a day in the vets after his trip to the river with me and a few friends sea fishing.

Unfortunately Red within 15 minutes of getting there was shaking his head forcibly and from a previous experience I knew he had a grass seed in his ear and wasn't to serious except for some discomfort when he moved about.

So Monday morning he was taken to our local vet Edgewoods in Purleigh whilst I went out patio cleaning into Essex without my loyal companion and I do miss him when he's not with me looking out the window with the wind blowing his fur back.

He was the luckier dog of the two who came fishing as my brothers Boxweiler Gus stole a bit of bait and got a hook stuck in his gum so had to go to Edgewoods emergency vets over in Witham that Saturday night to get it removed.

Fortunately both dogs are back to there usual mischievous selves and will be avoiding fishing for the time being.

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