Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Lots of work then Ibiza again.

Hey All who may read,

I got back from Ibiza mid may worked flat out for over a month then headed out back to Ibiza for 15 days from 20th June to 5th July, this time spent a few days in San Antonio then a week In Ibiza Town a night in Port des Torrent and then 5 nights in Santa Eualia.

My phone decided to stop working after 3 days so I was out of communication so I do apologise if you were trying to get hold of me but it was like being back in the mid 90's I had no phone and no internet, but I did have a great pool and got a very good tan.

I also got mugged, had breakfast in one of the top hotels on the Island, walked around San An shoeless for a few hours and gave an Irish man the worst trip of his life..........  But you dont want to hear all about that you want to see some videos I knocked up tonight.



Only 1st attempts but Ill sign up pay the cash and get rid of all there adverts.



Thursday, 17 May 2012

Back from Ibiza straight into Working Flat Out

Sorry for lack of effort with the blog for last couple of weeks but really thanks to whoever is reading about what happens with the business but as the title says this aint really about the business and as the title says ive had an enjoyable week in the sun and it was sunny all day, every day, what we all could do with a week of just dry weather especially me so I can get all the sealing jobs done that have been lined up.

I originally was only going to go for the equivalent of a weekend Monday to Wednesday as was only £60 return from Southend Airport on easyjet but as the weather was so bad I thought sod it ill go till the Saturday as 5 days out there will be plenty enough and a new flight was only £35.

The new and the old i'd have either one but of course prefer the super yacht, I like my history and last month how Captain James Hook and the mighty British Navy destroyed the French fleet when we battled for Quebec and all of Canada and after that smashed the Spanish to smithereens as well so in the 18th Century we were the dogs bollocks.

And so looking at things to do in Ibiza I saw that a replica Spanish galleon from the era was moored at Ibiza town for 2 weeks so thought I'd take a look no wonder they got beat our Ships had up to 74 cannon this had easy less than 15.

But whilst waiting for the Galleon to open as I done the typically English thing and arrived an hour and a half before the thing opened it being there siesta so had time to spare and walked round Dalt Vila which is the old fortrified Ibiza town and it was impessive.

And then went to a Spanish tapas restaurant opposite the harbour and at the time I didnt know that it would be the loveliest tapas and food that I had in my week in Ibiza and very good on price as well out of all of them and I did eat quite well trying few different bits, but the food Formentura restaurant Ibiza town was the best and then I looked it up on tripadvisor http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Restaurant_Review-g664638-d2195760-Reviews-Formentera_Restaurant-Ibiza_Town_Ibiza_Balearic_Islands.html

That was my amount of culture after that I really enjoyed myself.

But then I ended up missing the flight home didn't even make it near the airport, met one mate, met another mate, then in the hotel when I went back to get my bag i got chatting to the very lovely guapa Spanish women who worked at the hotel her english was better than my Spanish.

But I'm willing to learn so anyone want to help who has skpe message me I need it, but anyway i asked them to book me a taxi looked at the check ins looked at my phone yep time had passed so instead of a taxi Ill have a room and got back Monday night into Southend cost me £100 to fly home at short notice but I had a great extra 2 days so was worth it.

Having easyjet at Southend is so easy and if you dont use it ya silly as nearly all who are reading this are from Essex and its on easy train line got off the flight at 10.15 and I was thinking Im going to have to get a taxi from Wickford to Burnham easy £40 same price as flight, but there was a train to Burnham so got home for nothing.

Thanks for reading sorry if I've ranted but I do really love Ibiza and through out the week I was away I'd like to thank the customers who were understanding and waited until I got back for me to come round and quote for them and especially Catherine and Barry have moved there times around to accommodate my travelling.

Because I'm going to Amsterdam for 24 hours fly out Monday afternoon and flying back Tuesday evening all for £80 return easyjet Southend again, I was hoping to stay in the same hostel as my mate who I'm going to see and haven't seen since our season in Ibiza in 99.

He got a £20 dorm room in this new boutique hostel out there  http://www.cocomama.nl/ but when I went to book they had a 2 night stay policy.

So saw they were on facebook messaged them and asked if I could stay for one night due to me coming to see my mate or could they recommend a good one near by and lovely Anika and Lotje got back to me and changed there policy for that day on there system so i could stay there cost me more than the cheap £20 but I get my own room and it was reasonable.

So really should have put in to 2 posts but I've been away from here for 2 weeks and a lots happened.


www.EssexJetwash.co.uk - I paid for this one

www.Patio-Cleaning.com - I built this one

Monday, 30 April 2012

Rain, rain and more rain. Easy clean though

So I worked on the Saturday all the way out near Clacton a driveway and patio to be cleaned, a AA operative was sorting a chip in a windscreen for the customer when he managed to break the windscreen, the window wiper and spill some nasty fluid all over the block drive.

That happened a few weeks back the job was to remove 20 blocks from an area of driveway out of the way that were already weathered to replace the blocks that were ruined in the front of the driveway and the new blocks go into the out of the way area to weather.

And then when thats all changed I cleaned everything.

And no biscuits today although I did get regular cups of tea and as you can see it wasnt the dirtiest patio and driveway and didn't take to long to clean.

A bonus was the fact I didn't have to wait around to sand the drive as Ill be going back to seal it when we get drier weather.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hose Pipe Ban Rules - Patios cleaned in Essex

What with the recent hose pipe ban I have been receiving numerous calls regarding people who often clean there own patio but cant use there hose pipe so require me to come out and clean.

Before Patio
After cleaning patio in Chafford hundred


Business: Any commercial businesses operating at commercial premises are not included in the ban.  Businesses that operate at a domestic property or wash private vehicles (eg; car/driveway/patio washing  or window cleaning) can use the hosepipe in the course of there work, where this is done as a service to customers.

At a recent job in Ealing an old women walking past a job I was on took particular exception to the amount of water I was using and didn't like my explanation that as a business I was exempt.

A little job in Brentwood that the women had started herself but the ban got the better of her.

Before decking cleaned in Brentwood

After decking cleaned in Brentwood

 Ill be going back when our wonderful weather is better to oil it.

For all your patio,driveway and any hard surface cleaning needs then please get in touch on 

07920 754 997 

and please check out my 2 websites and give comments on which you prefer and why.

And 1 out of 2 of the customers sorted me out a cup of tea but on a small job like these were I weren't to concerned, its the all day jobs where I get particularly parched then I nice cuppa is needed and on one job this month I even had a lemon tea which was a very different experience to the norm.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Oil Removal off Driveway Braintree

The customer phoned me as his landlord was holding back payment due to a few oil splatters on his block paved driveway and wanted the few splatters removed but not to worry about the large oil spill as that was what his landlord had made and wasn't of his concern.

But I managed to remove most of the large spill and the splatters as was no point leaving it when I was cleaning the drive anyway.

With this job as the customer had already moved out there was no chance for him to provide refreshments so I went with out tea today.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Voluntary work helping out pressure washing kennels at Clarks Greyhound Rescue

After seeing an advert in the local magazine about Clarks Farm Greyhound Rescuehttp://www.clarksfarmgreyhounds.org.uk/ I would of loved to have taken on one, but as | already have a terrier and not having the time and space for another dog i emailed and offered my services to clean out the kennels or anything else that they'd like me to do and after receiving a email back from Jo Patmore went over had a look round and arranged to go over and give the kennels a good clean, so I arrived this morning got acquainted with the dogs and started giving the inside and outside kennels a good clean.
I cleaned a good number throughout the day ably helped by Clare and Jake who had to move all the dogs around into different kennels whilst I cleaned, with room for just under 100 and only having around 65 on site at the time there was room enough.

With the cleaning done and all my equipment packed away, i thought there was one more thing that I could do to help out and that was walk some of the dogs and get them out into the fields opposite so I got given two of the lovely greyhounds called Pearl and Pecan and we went for a good half hour brisk walk with a little bit of jogging thrown in for good measure around the fields and fishing lakes opposite the farm and with time on my side when I got back I offered to give another a walk and this time got given Miley a livelier greyhound who really did want to run and covered the same ground in a quicker time than with the two bitches.
I cleaned a good number throughout the day ably helped by Clare and Jake who had to move all the dogs around into different kennels whilst I cleaned, with room for just under 100 and only having around 65 on site at the time there was room enough.

So I had a good day it may not have been my usual patio or driveway cleaning but a change is always good for the soul and I know Ill go back and help out in any way I can, if I finish a job early I'll pop in and give a couple of the dogs a walk around the field and if they need any more cleaning done then Ill gladly give up my time as they do a wonderful job re homing the greyhounds and like I said at the beginning I cant adopt one at the moment but never say never.