Monday, 18 July 2016

Red had the greatest day of his working life on this grand job in Great Warley Patio Cleaning 07920 754 997

The grounds were immense and Red had them all to himself except for the rabbits and squirrels that he chased and if I remember my helper for the day disturbed a wasps nest so we had to make a sharp exit from that particular side of the property for a while.

You can really see the power of my diesel Yanmar pressure washer in this video, so much so that I had to change the turbo nozzle as it was making my arm vibrate as was the wrong size and was giving me too much power if there is such a thing.

I got into this job to save my back so don't wish to lose he feeling in my fingers or arm so had it changed back to the correct size nozzle.

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Eco-friendly pressure washing and sealing services.

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