Thursday, 19 April 2012

Hose Pipe Ban Rules - Patios cleaned in Essex

What with the recent hose pipe ban I have been receiving numerous calls regarding people who often clean there own patio but cant use there hose pipe so require me to come out and clean.

Before Patio
After cleaning patio in Chafford hundred


Business: Any commercial businesses operating at commercial premises are not included in the ban.  Businesses that operate at a domestic property or wash private vehicles (eg; car/driveway/patio washing  or window cleaning) can use the hosepipe in the course of there work, where this is done as a service to customers.

At a recent job in Ealing an old women walking past a job I was on took particular exception to the amount of water I was using and didn't like my explanation that as a business I was exempt.

A little job in Brentwood that the women had started herself but the ban got the better of her.

Before decking cleaned in Brentwood

After decking cleaned in Brentwood

 Ill be going back when our wonderful weather is better to oil it.

For all your patio,driveway and any hard surface cleaning needs then please get in touch on 

07920 754 997 

and please check out my 2 websites and give comments on which you prefer and why.

And 1 out of 2 of the customers sorted me out a cup of tea but on a small job like these were I weren't to concerned, its the all day jobs where I get particularly parched then I nice cuppa is needed and on one job this month I even had a lemon tea which was a very different experience to the norm.


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