Monday, 30 April 2012

Rain, rain and more rain. Easy clean though

So I worked on the Saturday all the way out near Clacton a driveway and patio to be cleaned, a AA operative was sorting a chip in a windscreen for the customer when he managed to break the windscreen, the window wiper and spill some nasty fluid all over the block drive.

That happened a few weeks back the job was to remove 20 blocks from an area of driveway out of the way that were already weathered to replace the blocks that were ruined in the front of the driveway and the new blocks go into the out of the way area to weather.

And then when thats all changed I cleaned everything.

And no biscuits today although I did get regular cups of tea and as you can see it wasnt the dirtiest patio and driveway and didn't take to long to clean.

A bonus was the fact I didn't have to wait around to sand the drive as Ill be going back to seal it when we get drier weather.

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